Monday, January 12, 2009

Boy stabbed in front of City College

"A 17-year-old boy was fatally stabbed last night across the street from City College high school in Northeast Baltimore ... [at] About 7:35 p.m., police officers found the boy suffering from stab wounds to his chest at the intersection of The Alameda and East 32nd Street"

Nathaniel "Stinker" Wallace, 37, of Baltimore was gunned down in a bar-parking-lot fight at Dietrich's Tavern in Glen Burnie.

David Talmage Barnes, 49, was found floating near Annapolis Yacht Club.

The Weiner that roared

PGC's first murder of the year is a 19-year-old shot while riding/driving in a car

What the?! "Math Error To Cost Maryland $31 Million"


ppatin said...

Just a quick update, you have victim #13 listed as unidentified but the Sun now has his name as Shawn Green.

Anonymous said...

#123 its a crime shame killed this man who dont bother nobdy someone need to come forward if u have a heart. anthony b.ka. as tony a baltimore city employee as well ,y kill this man in front of his house in his truck this was a terriable tradgy for fam, close freinds which he didnt have too many manily females he was a womans man all the females loved him because he was a wonderful man to get to know please if anybody know anything please contact baltimore city police dept to capture that mean person...baltimore city police please catch the person did this to a man that wouldt harm afly...