Monday, February 9, 2009

Real Body, Imaginary Bridge

The body of an adult black male was found under "the Patapsco River Bridge"
(no such bridge... maybe the Hanover Street Bridge?)

A man shot in the neck by four teenagers on a dirt bike, a pizza deliveryman robbed in Hampden in the blotter

Deeply depressing: Peter Hermann chronicles the suicide of former officer Edward William Eldridge Jr.

A man shot while riding his bike south of Greenmount cemetery

In the county, "Same-sex ex loses visitation battle"
Fun fact: between 6 and 14 million children live with at least one gay parent


ppatin said...

Not a crime, although it should be:

The state of Maryland encourages discrimination based on gender and race.

"Public utilities in Maryland have agreed with state regulators to try to steer 25 percent of their contract funds to businesses owned by women, minorities or disabled veterans, The Washington Post reported."

Cham said...

Any bridge that goes over the Patapsco River would be a Patapsco River bridge.

ppatin said...

The same-sex ex story sounds unfair, but it was kind of to be expected if one partner legally adopted the child and the other one didn't. Recognizing "de-facto parents" could lead to all sorts of endless legal battles since there's be no clear line between who's a parents and who isn't.