Thursday, March 19, 2009

Noel lawsuit underway

Hermann: the wrongful-death suit of Cheryl Noel's family against the BCPD is underway in District Court. Noel has become a national symbol of the civilian casualties of the drug war and the perils of "no-knock" warrants. Word has it that the officer who shot Noel, Carlos Artson, received a Silver Star for shooting the Bible-toting mom.
Blog The Agitator has salvaged Joe Giordano's pieces from the Dundalk Eagle

How tough is the economy? Even the drug dealers are hurting in what FHBIII calls a "cocaine drought."

A triple drive-by shooting on Marble Hall Road

Police: cuckold to blame for the stabbing death of William Smith Tuesday


MacArthur Media Staff said...

From a reader regarding the SWAT killing; BCPD = Bad Cops Playing Dumb

MacArthur Media Staff said...

Seriously, it was a reader, STOP with the hate mail already. ;-)