Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A 70-something Calvin Hayes and 63-year-old Harold Able Sr., both shot in their cars in separate incidents last week, were apparently hack cab drivers.

It IS a small town! The CP reports that businessman John Zorzit, owner of Club 410, is now "the nexus for three current federal investigations" and the sentence of the day:
"But the Zorzit case--which received attention after a forfeiture action was filed against him in January because for 14 years he used the brother of Baltimore County Councilman John Olszewski (D-6th District) as a runner to collect the money from his illegal slot machines--is perhaps more interesting for the amounts of money involved (the feds seized close to $1.2 million in bank accounts and more than $41,000 in cash--including some above the ceiling tiles in an office bathroom) and for his links to Harris."
And in other nightclub news, in the County former China Room owner John Giorgilli is "keeping Baltimore County prosecutors busy"

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