Monday, May 4, 2009

Byers spared!

Story here from Justin Fenton.
Of the TV stations, WJZ has the best coverage of this story, with interviews of Lackl's mom, Rod Rosenstein, and Byers' relatives.
WBAL's John Sherman reports Byers will be shipped to Terre Haute. No other source reports this, though Rod Rosenstein says "before we finish lunch today, Mr. Byers will be gone from Maryland."

Tooth-grinder of the day: Byers "was a loving father, just like Carl Lackl."
Comments from Hermann

Sun archive page of the Byers trial.


ppatin said...


Where did you read that Byers would be sent to Indiana? The WBAL story didn't mention anything about that. Hopefully he'll be shipped off to the federal Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. He certainly seems dangerous enough.

Maurice Bradbury said...

John Sherman says it on the video clip. Terre Haute, where "all of the inmates in the USP are allotted seven visit-days a month and 300 minutes of telephone time"
That's more than I get with Verizon!!

ppatin said...

Ok, thanks.

I'm wondering if that's a mistake on WBAL's part though, because as far as I know the Bureau of Prisons only decides where inmates go after they're transferred to BoP custody. Byers would've been shipped to Terre Haute if he'd been sentenced to death, but that's obviously a moot point.