Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jacques Kelly Sentenced to Crime Reporting

Formerly promising Sirlilar Stokes got 50 years for two gang-related shootings, reports Jacques Kelly (?!?!?)

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Blotter: "Police released the name Monday of the man fatally shot Friday morning in the 3000 block of Elgin Ave. as Deontae Carter, 24, of the 2300 block of N. Rosedale St."

Police tweet, "Miguel Rivera M/B/DOB-10/19/76 was arrested on 5/11/09 for the Att. Murder which occurred on 5/3/09 @ 3608 Roberts Place" also "SHOOTING: 700 E PRESTON, 2 ADULT MALES SHzOT."

A city sheriff's deputy has filed a million-dollar false-arrest suit against a city police sergeant

CP Guerrilla Family Portraits, part IV, Eric Marcell Brown. Fenton reports Brown's Black book endorsed by educators and former Mayoral candidate Audrey Bundley. Only in Baltimore!

Remember Michelle Johnson, the Hopkins Hospital employee who allegedly stole a kidney-transplant patient's ID to buy herself flooring, a tv and some underpants? Now someone else has accessed data of more than 10,000 patients, and scammed 30 victims with links to the hospital.

Schadenfreuderiffic: Teens injured when stolen car crashes

Media Blabber: if Tweets are to be believed, Post and NYT in talks with Google

Totally gratuitous: Balto. stripper claims Phelps "boasted of dope shame as he medalled with my bongs" (NSFW!)

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