Monday, May 18, 2009

Two CV Incidents

From JHU Security:
Armed Robbery – Rear of 3246 Abell Ave. – On May 15th at 1:10 AM, two undergraduates walking east on 33rd Street were approached by two unknown males who emerged from an alley. One male displayed a handgun and repeatedly mumbled, “Give it up.”  The suspects took a wallet, cell phone and keys from one of the students and then fled south through the alley.  No injuries.  Baltimore Police responded. The incident was reported to Campus Security on May 15th at 1:23 PM. Investigation continuing.

Commercial Burglary – 3100 St. Paul St., Suite #1, Video Americain – On May 17th at 1:55 AM, Baltimore Police and store owner responded for an alarm. It was found that $200 cash had been taken from store. Entry had been gained by forcing open an interior basement door.  Investigation continuing by Baltimore Police.

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BomTrown said...

Recently there have been a number of assaults by a group of kids. I believe the number is up to 5 assaults ranging from DownTown to Mt. Vernon to Charles Village. The MO is for a group of them to approach a random victim from behind and then beat the daylights out of them. Then the attackers run off and go their seperate ways to avoid trouble with police.

The police have increased foot patrols in those areas.