Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Domestic abuse

Melody Smith, who was strangled to death in April was hit with a protection order by her alleged assailant a few days before she died


ppatin said...

Convicted hit man James Dinkins fired a string of slurs at a federal prosecutor Tuesday morning, calling the man a "bootlicker" and warning him to "stay away" from the defense side.

The outburst came shortly before the jury entered the federal courtroom for the sentencing phase of Dinkins' trial, which will determine whether he and co-defendant Melvin Gilbert live or die. Both East Baltimore men were found guilty last week of murdering three men, including two witnesses, and running a drug conspiracy.

Sean said...

Dixon Aide Charged With Domestic Assault

Cham said...

Mr. Dinkins is enjoying his tenure as the focal point of this trial. He can't get enough of the attention. I feel sorry for him, in 5 years he is going to understand this is not the best avenue of courtroom behavior. Live and learn(or maybe not). That prosecutor has Mr. Dinkins right where he needs him to be.

I've been on a federal jury. Mr. Dinkins probably doesn't understand that federal juries are picked from people from throughout the state, not exclusively city residents. This is not going to bode well for him.