Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trouble with tickets

Looks like the world traveling Baltimore pension board also has now ran afoul of city ethics laws for taking some free tickets to an O's game.


Anonymous said...

What was good for Ed Norris is good for the Pension Board.

Cham said...

This business of "I didn't know" is so full of crap. If you are an adult and have more than one brain cell of course you knew that the tickets are a form of bribery. Taking tickets for sporting events is the same as taking money. I love how these folks try to twist things around make it it out like they are angels and were worried about the appearance of impropriety.

I've been in sales for a long long time. I've given away many a Raven and Oriole ticket. Those that accept them know what they are doing and the consequences of such actions. I'd put pen to paper but I could make a very long list of federal, state and local government employees that have accepted tickets from me and the businesses I represent.

Sean said...

From BPD twitter:

POLICE SHOOTING: 12am - 3 suspects attempted to rob off duty officer. Officer fired weapon striking susp in arm. Other taken into custody.