Friday, August 21, 2009


Jon Cardin to the Jewish Times: "I obviously feel horrible. It was poor judgment." Adding, "It had nothing to do with a helicopter, even though one did fly over, but I knew nothing about it.” Meanwhile his compaƱeros in the 11th are standing by their man.
Del Morhaim: “in the long run, this will help him focus on the important legislative matters we face."


Cham said...

I guess its just super that he used the Baltimore City police force to misuse city resources, get paid while performing an acting job, all the while setting up a false police action. The advantageous outcome is that Jon will become a better delegate.

I don't see it, but maybe somebody could clue me in. Government clearly operates in a parallel universe from the one I live in.

Anonymous said...

The "government" doesn't give a shit about what you think. They have their votes in place to continue their money machine.

And if it ever gets to the point that the votes turn against them, they have electronic voting where they can create the outcome they want.