Monday, August 10, 2009

Rey Rivera

The wife of Rey Rivera talks about his unusual behavoir just days before he dissapeared in May of 2006.

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Tony Ryals said...

As you can see from link to
below or simply by doing a google search 'tony ryals porter
stansberry' that I have been denouncing Agora Inc for years and as you
can see Rey Rivera's 'friend' and employer Porter Stansberry invited
me to visit Agora Inc. and Baltimore in 2005.
Uh,I guess I was wise or lucky to turn down this generous Baltimore
I was NOT so lucky as to avoid Jim or James Dale Davidson's internet
stock fraud however which is how I became involved with them and
correspond with both Porter Stansberry and Bill Bonner's co-author
Lila Rajiva in the first place.I have no doubt whatsoever that they
are SEC and U.S.government connected and protected 'securities' and penny stock criminals in the first place and I have suspected worse.
Another unexplained death at least to me is John Berthoud who was
James Dale Davidson's and Steve Forbes replacement as president of the
National Taxpayers Union who the NTU employees found 'in peace' at his
residence in the Beltway a while back.Davidson 'coincidentally' used
the NTU office near SEC main headquarters in Alexandria,Virginia
around the time of Berhoud's death as well as his Fox News connected
newsmax.con website to promote a fraud called a worthless penny stock
called Pluristem with both Israeli and Carlyle or Frank Carlucci
(suspect in death of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo around time
of Kennedy assassination)connections.That scam claims to use stem
cells from placentas for medicine but I suspect this fraud that
launders money through Leumi Bank,Israel funds more devious causes
with money it bilks mainly from American investors.
Also I only recently discovered another of Agora Inc.'s,Bill
Bonner's,James Dale Davidson's,Porter Stansberry's,Lord William
Rees-Mogg's,Mark Skousen's ,'s many sham 'companies' called
Oxford Club was originally called Goldcor and lured potential
investors-suckers to Costa Rica to defraud them with lies about
turning black Costa Rican beach sand to gold !

I briefly quote and provide link from Bill Bonner's Baltimore
co-author Lila Rajiva herself who wrote an article about her
employers' Goldcor connection and the strange 'suicide' of Goldcor
President Richard Brown who was found with a bullet in his head in
November 1991 as Goldcor began to unravel.

Agora Inc., Bill Bonner , Porter Stansberry , Jim Davidson and fraud

* Tony Ryals

Date Created

* 03 Nov 2005

Below is my recent email correspondence with Porter Stansberry of
Agora Inc.'s Baltimore: headquaters ----- Original Message -----
From: "Porter Stansberry"
Subject: Jim Davidson
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 20:06:22 -0600

Tony --

A friend recently emailed me a copy of your online tirade against JD.
I don't know what he did to you...though I can imagine...

If you would like to know more about Agora (which is a large holding company with many operating groups, one of which I control) or more
about the SEC case I am involved with (which has nothing to do with
short selling or pumping and dumping) I would be happy to meet with you in my office in Baltimore.




The most interesting part of this little history is that the Royal
Society of Liechtenstein was sold off, changing its name to the Oxford
Club, which has been since then a part of Agora Inc.

The Brown death was never seriously investigated, say some SEC
officials, who believe it was a murder.

-Lila Rajiva