Monday, September 28, 2009

Crime odds and ends

Police investigate a boatload of nonfatal shootings this weekend.

Police ID woman found stabbed to death.

Police also ID the man found shot to death on 9/11.

And finally, local skinheads plead not guilty in the vicious beating of an elderly man.

P.S.- To all the Baltimore skinheads who read this blog, If you really feel the need to be a racist prick, might I suggest you chose a city where you're not going to be exceedingly outnumbered and despised. Might I suggest Alaska or Iowa where the ratio of really pissed off black guys to ignorant racist is a tad more on your side? --TAB


Anonymous said...

If i live out in Iowa or where there weren't a million niggers I wouldnt be racist. Since I live in bmore and really truly know the how those people are I fucking HATE THE M!

Anonymous said...

LOL. This blog reports about crime in Baltimore that is perpetrated by about 95% blacks and you attack the three "skinheads" that are responsible for one assault out of thousands that happen in the cesspool known as Baltimore. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Tough talk fella'.Why when I googled this site your beau geste came up.So I see you are one of the capitulators.While I don't think they should have attacked an elderly black person I do believe that one cannot live in bmo without a or several violent altercations with negroes.Ghandi would hate black people if he were around today.Oh and fuck off for your PC and gritty stance.-Ranxerox