Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another Halloween in Baltimore

Lots of crazy cats in the county...

A love triangle turned Workplace murder suicide in Eastpoint.

Followed by a police involved shooting in which a officer was shot.

In better news, a whopping 6 people were arrested
for the murder of a Liquor Store owner.

Meanwhile in City news...

A city man recieved 40 years for an attempted murder in Columbia.

The news looks even worse for a man who suffered a seizure after swallowing drugs in a police raid. Word of advice: Remember it's not worth it, your in Baltimore City, the odds are in your favor that you will be in little to no trouble.

And in final City News, a convicted killer is caught with a gun on Mangold St.

And as a little Halloween reminder, make sure It's candy that you're eating, because there are more and more Ecstasy Traffickers these days.


Winston Smith said...

40 years for attempted murder. Can you imagine what the city would be like if the prosecutor in the city got sentences like this.

Cham said...

40 years, 100 year, 100 years, it wouldn't change a thing.

Maurice Bradbury said...

it's kind of deep how you put events in the present tense!