Tuesday, October 20, 2009


is this classy Sykesville resident Miriam Frankl's killer?

More on the Cherry Hill triple shooting that injured teens: "It's ridiculous, and for whoever did this, there's a real place called hell. Hell will be their home."

County police are ISO "ARMED and DANGEROUS" Bryan Sheppard, age 16

Annie McCann's parents want to know why charges weren't filed against the men who stole her car.

DNA implicates suspect in '80s rapes

Cars set on fire at Koons Collision Center off of Belair Road


Cham said...

We could always get Ponts to bring over his sword and the 2 could have a battle.

helix said...

That's one thing I just just can't grasp... the idea that people are capable of taking a corpse out of a car and then going for a joyride.

Godamn, that makes my skin crawl. I find it shocking that they aren't charged with SOMETHING.