Saturday, November 14, 2009

194 - 197

Two homicides last night:
Sammie McCullough, Jr., 36, 1200 block of North Avenue, and an unidentified man in the 5100 block of Arbutus Avenue
and two more on Thursday: Michael Anthony McFadden, 51, 2000 block of W. Lanvale St.
and an unidentified man in the 3600 block of Gelston Drive

and yes, looks like the man The Innocence Project freed was that Dante Parrish.

Steala Dixon's new BF took the stand, called their relationship "very challenging."


Dan said...

Was he related to any of "The Corner" McCulloughs? I need to know.

John Galt said...

Why Baltimore City will never get anywhere?

Because it's corrupt. Not just the mayor, nor just some public officials.

It's a nasty, corrupt town full of nasty, corrupt people.

Cham said...

What I am getting from this Dixon trial is that her entire office has been showered with gift cards from the gitgo. There are so many gift cards that the people that work for her have no clue as to where they come from, only that they exist and are meant to be used by them.

I'm also learning that when you buy gift cards for Sheila you don't use credit cards, but you cash checks at liquor stores and then use the cash to get the cards. You also don't use the postal service, UPS or Fed Ex for delivery. You put them in plain white envelopes and then hand them off to a series of drivers and eventually they get to where they need to be.

To everyone: I would like to get on the gift card gravy train. I don't have a driver but I will be happy to meet you at the liquor store of your choice and also be willing to provide the plain white envelope free of charge.

John Galt: As far as the citizenry is concerned, it's no skin off our teeth to be nice. If Sheila beats the charges she will still be our mayor. If she doesn't she'll do her time and then reclaim her former council seat.

MS.P said...

Rest in peace Sam

John Galt said...

No skin off our teeth?

Excuse me, but we're talking about a crime.

Baltimore says "But it's only a crime."

Yeah. In the rest of the world, THAT'S A PROBLEM.

Here, it's just another day another crime.

Which is why Baltimore should be declared an insurgent-held territory, just like Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Lawless people, including government officials, openly victimize Americans from the safety of the sovereign city of Baltimore, using its charter and jurisdiction as a cover for their illegal enterprise.

ppatin said...

The Innocence Project might be a little more credible if the people they worked to free were actually, oh I don't know, innocent. Getting perps out on technicalities isn't a very noble objective.

Anonymous said...

"It's a nasty, corrupt town full of nasty, corrupt people."

What pisses me off is that I am funding the zoo known as Baltimore with my tax money.....

If Baltimore had no external funding, the whole political machine would have collapsed years ago.

Anonymous said...

My blessing go out to the Family of Sammie. Melinda we are all here for you and your girls if you need us.