Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who's your daddy?

daddy?NYTimes mag on DNA testing and the messy legalities of fatherhood

Dixon trial judge uses roastmaster skills, cookies to keep jury on task

"out of the thousands of drug addicts who either live in or flock to Baltimore (Black and impoverished) and the seemingly endless string of death that such a condition brings about, two white addicts are deserving of compassionate and humanized coverage, while the rest are consigned to irrelevance and anonymity."


ppatin said...

I get to go on a police ride-along in DC this coming Friday night. Hopefully I'll get an interesting story or two.

Cham said...

Compassionate and humanized coverage? I guess I missed that part. All I got from the article was that 2 idiots ordered a bunch of illegal drugs on the Internet from the Philippines and then got exactly what they should have expected.