Thursday, December 31, 2009

More on Clifford Jamar Williams, the soldier murdered here while on leave from Afghanistan.

Baltimore has reached "camera saturation"

: Greenmount Ave. victim identified as a Joseph Beatty, 38, who just got out of prison on a 20 year robbery sentence (10 yrs suspended)

Should the death of A. Robert Kauffman be considered a homicide?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Beatty had a violent past, including apparent issues in prison, and had racked up a total of 38 years of prison time (before suspended and concurrent sentencing kicks in, along with parole). I wouldn't be surprised if one of Baltimore's NGOs carried out the death penalty against Mr. Beatty for his past transgressions.

Aaron said...

I hate the way we hold people's pasts against them when they're shot or killed. Habitual speeders and anyone who gets a DUI/DWI are far more likely to kill an innocent and law-abiding citizen, but our judicial system typically winks at them and sends them on their way.

If someone shot and killed one of them, would we say "reap what you sow"? Or do we just hold that for burglars and drug dealers?

Cham said...

I'm actually a bit jazzed to see the media is starting to examine the cause of why the guy who shot up Ft. Hood and the guy who tried to blow up the Detroit jet and the 5 Virginia residents who tried to become terrorists and what motivated the 19 World Trade Center hijackers. They seemed to have something in common, besides being muslim extremists.....they were lonely, isolated and felt powerless.

Hmmmm. does this ring a bell? Could that also be a common theme with those that murdered our 2XX people this year and last year and the year before that?

Anonymous said...

Most of these "powerless" terrorists were college-educated, middle class Muslim nuts. The Detroit Shorts Bomber's dad was the head of some large bank in Nigeria. Bin Laden's family runs most of the construction in Saudi Arabia. So no, they were not powerless. They are driven by a religiously-driven political ideology that wants to dominate the world.

Cham said...

I disagree Mel. Yes, they were college educated but look at which colleges. Many of them were raised in one culture and sent to colleges that were thousands of miles away from their homeland in countries with different cultures and different customs. That made them feel isolated, powerless and depressed. These men would migrate to places where they felt comfortable....the local mosques. It didn't take much for them to be attracted to religious extremists who would make them feel included and power-ful.

How different are these religious extremists from the local gang leaders or drug distributors?

ppatin said...

Mohammed Atta's father was also a surgeon. The idea that terrorism is the result of the poor and disposessed lashing out is utter BS.

Anonymous said...

Cham is an example of the thought processes that destroy cultures and civilizations.

Feminist that she is, I have to laugh at how she supports middle east terrorists. Men from a region and culture that treat women like UTTER SHIT.

Maurice Bradbury said...

"supports middle east terrorists"? Come on, Mel.
The US in Afghanistan and Pakistan supports terrorists.

In Baltimore, do people shoot other people because they're lonely?
I think it's more of an impulse thing. And we have a lot of people taking justice into their own hands--- note that stat that victims have actually been arrested more often than the killers. People don't trust the police to protect them and are taking matters into their own hands.