Friday, January 8, 2010

Dixon: Lipscomb is "a player"

Dixon on Lipscomb: "He had multiple girlfriends ... He was a player. And I was the cheapest of his friends."
Hope he used a condom!


Cham said...

Dear Sheila:

1) Lipscomb was married, you knew that. Regardless of what he told you, that should have given you some idea of his character from the gitgo.

2) Lipscomb was doing business with the city of Baltimore while he was dating you. Did it not cross your mind at all that he might be using you to gain permits, permission and design approval? Did you fall off the turnip truck yesterday?

3) Given all of this, did you ever consider that when push came to shove Lipscomb might lie to save his own hide?

Lipscomb might be a "player" and he may have lied, but he still gave you money and cash, and all this proves is that you are an idiot who is on the take. Be gone.

Anonymous said...


Extremely harsh. But exactly correct.

Baltimore does not need a Mayor that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Like they say on the streets; don't hate the playa, hate the game.