Sunday, February 14, 2010

Want to go on a "Wild Ride"?

The very, very upsetting story of the many breaks given to sex-offender-turned-killer Thomas Leggs Jr.


Cham said...

The Maryland judicial system is biased and racist. The majority of its users are minority, poorly educated and come from poverty. The powerful decision makers in the court system are educated, white and middle and upperclass. The dichotomy between the 2 groups is what drives the system forward. The courts are trained to subconsciously think that poor young black males who don't enunciate are guilty.

But read this article about Thomas Legg. He's white, he's well-spoken, he's affable and he's friendly. He's, well, one of us and not one of them. Thomas Legg liked the judicial system and the judicial system liked Thomas Legg. The judicial system had almost no effect in deterring Thomas Legg from committing crimes. Thomas Legg enthusiastically made quick work of the system.

In the case of Sarah Foxwell, Thomas Legg is very guilty, but he isn't the only guilty party. She'd still be alive if the system was fair.

Cham said...

On another note, didn't we all just read a similar Sun story about the life and times of Thomas Meighan and his fun-filled ride as a 9 time drunk driver who still had a Maryland driver's license?

buzoncrime said...

Cham---I can understand why you said the system is biased and racist, but it's an accusation that, anecdotally, can be flipped on its head, too.

Many, many criminals are given 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances, with PBJ, suspended sentences, probation, etc., Yet you still find judges, and other members of the criminal justice system who ignore the evidence of serial lawbreaking and violent behavior--something it doesn't take a genius to figure out, when the evidence of recalcitrance is staring them in the face. Take the cases of judges who won't violate probation of violent offenders because of "technical violations"; what's the point of probation then?
So, my point is that there are anecdotal cases which can be cited on all sides of the coin because of the disparate nature of our system.

This is not to negate your assertion that there is bias and racism in the system, at times, and even more so in the recent past of our fine city and state, but there are whole other categories of people who are protected, e.g. athletes, drunken frat boys or lawyers, judges, cops, pretty girls, the list could go on.
However, I agree with you that there is a dichotomy between the law-abiding majority of people and some folks who represent us in Annapolis and elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

There are hundreds of examples of blacks in Baltimore having arrest records in the dozens and they are walking the streets committing crimes.

Forgive Cham, she has terminal white guilt or is addicted to BBC.

ppatin said...

Just to repeat what Buz and Mel said, there are countless examples of non-white criminals in Baltimore being given break after break.

The real problem isn't racism, it's that we have a criminal justice system which has gone so far to protect the supposed rights of the accused that it completely tramples and ignores the right of law abiding citizens to live in an orderly society.

Benjamin Cardozo, the well-known former NY Court of Appeals and US Supreme Court Justice once said "But justice, though due to the accused, is due to the accuser also. The concept of fairness must not be strained till it is narrowed to a filament.
We are to keep the balance true." Our system has lost all balance. We worship at the altar of the rights of the accused, yet the rights of victims count for nothing.

Anonymous said...

"We worship at the altar of the rights of the accused, yet the rights of victims count for nothing."

Thank the trial lawyers for that.

History Punk said...

Given that the United States has more people in prison than the PRC, the American justice system is hardly soft and cuddly toward the accused.

ppatin said...

"Given that the United States has more people in prison than the PRC, the American justice system is hardly soft and cuddly toward the accused."

Maybe we have a lot of criminals. There's also the whole issue of the clusterfuck that is the War on Drugs, but that's a totally separate issue.

Cham said...

"PCS-OTHER MARIJUANA" is a profit center for the judicial and criminal system that is bigger than any oil cartel or Google.

Comical Ali said...

Doubt the USA has more criminals than China, but we definitely have more murders than any other developed nation. (on a par with Eastern Europe)