Monday, February 22, 2010

Wrongedy Wrong Wrong!

This is an outrage!
It's our judiciary-- we pay for it!
a new rule, reportedly likely to pass, would allow courthouses to ban all cell phones and cell communications,
and possibly laptops.
[wonder what this bill is called?]
Mark my words-- cell-phone blocking technology in the courthouse is next!


ppatin said...

The Sun's sloppy editing is also wrongedy wrong wrong. I notice this:

"The issue was resurrected last month, however, after Robert M. Bell, chief judge of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, requested it."

Ugh. Bell is the chief judge of the Court of Appeals, NOT the Court of Special Appeals.

ppatin said...


That should have said "I noticed this."

buzoncrime said...

That's ok, PP, this is Baltimore.

But the real reason these things are banned are two, as I see it, at least: fairness of teh trial process. Jurors or anyone in the courtroom shouldn't be tweeting out testimony to other folks, like sequestered witnesses, and possibly distorting the fact of what is being placed into evidence, not to mention seeking info during the jury deliberation process.

The other is security: witnesses are already horrifically afraid to testify. Thugs often come to court to see what's being said against their buddies. One can just imagine: "yeah, that guy in the yellow tie, he just ratted on us, get him when he goes to his car, etc."

Then there's the whole issue of folks who are supposed to be paying attention, such as jurors, tweeting away about last night's American idol, etc.