Monday, March 22, 2010

Bloody weekend

Last count was 8 shooting incidents...


John Galt said...

Gun criminal Hudlicka has been caught with firearms and drugs before.

Both cases were nol prossed.

When will Baltimore stop the catch-and-release program?

There are a large number of reoffenders who keep doing it. Many of our crime incidents could have been prevented if the offender had been incarcerated on the numerous previous charges.

John Galt said...

And just so that we are fair here, he had a third Weapons charge cum Resisting Arrest in the county, receiving a PBJ !!

So just try to tell me that we in the Baltimore area are serious about gun crime.

Cham said...

Again, Galt, we don't have the money nor the resources to incarcerate everyone and that probably won't change soon. And, due to the NRA, we won't be able to get rid of the guns at any point in the near future.

So I've come up with a brainstorm. If we can have a pedophile registry why can't we have a gun-offender registry? We can pair a nice clear mugshot with a current address, and then give a precise description of the prosecuted offenses. This way everyone will know who is who. This will allow people to be aware of who is very dangerous and whom to avoid at all costs lest we have our brains blown out at the least provocation. We can learn more about a dangerous neighbor, an odd coworker or that new boyfriend of someone's daughter that just doesn't seem quite right. A gun-offender registry will give the people the power to protect themselves.

John Galt said...


Baltimore actively encourages criminals to be here.

That's why we have more than we can afford to incarcerate.

The evidence is quite clear. Criminals leave tough jurisdictions.

A government exists first to enforce the basis criminal code, including penalties.

If the existing penalties are too light, toughen them up.

Make gun crimes a capital offense.

That will free up a few beds.

But no, I'm not interested in replacing implementation of sentencing with databases. I'm not interested in hiding from these people, as per your brainstorm.

You want to save money? Put a bounty on their heads: Dead or Alive.

If your city is easy on criminals because you haven't the pocketbook to mete out punishment, you will always be a criminal paradise. By your choice.

And such a place should be burned to the ground. Isn't that how we justified invading Afghanistan?