Friday, July 16, 2010

Hoodlumery in Hampden

Thursday night homicide in Lansdowne.

The liquor board fined a couple of titty bars on The Block for prostitution.

Here's a weird/sad one. A 73-year old cab driver from Hampden got beaten to hell in April and died of his injuries on Tuesday. The 3500 block of Elm Avenue isn't exactly what I'd call a violent crime hotspot.

The ALF-CIO has endorsed Pat Jessamy. I'm still trying to figure out how the race for State's Attorney is relevant to a labor union.

This knucklehead robbed a Safeway in Annapolis and managed to shoot himself in the process. WJZ says he requested "treatment for a self-conflicted shot." Self-conflicted?

Murder in Halethorpe.

A 45-year old Harford County man was arrested for allegedly raping a 24-year old woman.

A Columbia man gets six months in jail for running over a former crazy cat lady.


ppatin said...

I knew someone who used to live on the 3400 block of Elm back in college. It still creeps me out that someone was beaten to death just a block away. Hampden has its issues, but people getting pummeled to death for no reason never seemed like one of them.

MJB said...

I used to live on the 3500 block of Elm! ... the inspiration for this blog. There was a guy beaten to death on 36th while we lived there, and street fights in front of the house constantly. Based on my conversations with the natives, apparently what they term as "kicking ass" is considered a virtue and a means to obtain status.

and ps., I believe the correct spelling is "tittay bar"

ppatin said...

If you don't mind my asking, what years were you living in Hampden? My friend was there in 2003-2004 and it always felt much safer than Charles Village. I used to walk home late at night from there to my apartment on University Parkway, which in hindsight was probably dumb.

I do seem to recall the guy getting beaten to death on 36th street, from what I recall there was an allegation that the victim had molested the killer's granddaughter or something of that nature.