Friday, July 9, 2010


Jury doesn't buy insanity defense - Mary Koontz found guilty of murdering her husband. According to her daughter (and would-be victim), "it was like a weight lifted off all of our shoulders."

No charges will be filed in the shooting death of a home invader back in March.

Take note: If you're wrongfully arrested (due to a court's clerical error), shackled by wrists and ankles to a pole for 12 hours, while your children are left alone in a highway parking lot, and are declared "truly innocent and injured" by the Court of Special Appeals... you can't sue anyone. Sorry! So, you know, make sure that doesn't happen, okay?

Documents in the murder of UVA student Yeardly Love are unsealed. Ex-boyfriend George Huguely V admits kicking in her door and getting in an "altercation" with her. Was the murder planned?

Police intentionally run over some dummies

Detectives are reviewing 18 months of data on City rape reports.

It's hot out, people. Don't leave your dogs in the car.

Missing a credit card? Terrell Reid might have it.

City Councilman reimburses taxpayers for that food we bought him. At least he wasn't using gift cards...

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