Wednesday, August 18, 2010

check out the passive-voice and buck-passing in this Sun opinion piece on the SAO campaign:

"Some of what’s been heard so far — for example, whether Mrs. Jessamy likens city courtrooms to city public schools or that the police commissioner used to have a Bernstein sign — falls well short of the substantive facts the public needs to make an informed choice. That the city could be safer is obvious."

... Isn't the Sun supposed to be the go-to for facts and substance? What is Jessamy's conviction rate, anyway? And didn't you just tell us crime was down, dear paper?

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The Rich Ant said...

I came across your blog when reminiscing about my late Uncle. I saw that you have a list of 2010 victims and how my Uncle Darel M. Alston was the third of this year. Thank you for acknowledging all the victims. Just thought you might want to put a face to that name....