Tuesday, August 3, 2010

PC: O'Malley Without Principles

.. and "taught Jessamy how to bully".
Not sure I agree with all of this .. but Politics Examiner Adam Meister does

.. the State's Attorney's office has launched a Facebook page. (To be fair, Here's Bernstein's.)

.. and speaking of social media, if you're tiring of your virtual social life, please save Wednesday, Sept. 1 between 6 and 7:30, for an in-the-flesh Meet and Greet Happy Hour with Gregg Bernstein, location TBA here and on the Baltimore Crime Facebook Group page.


Dopple said...

The Baltimore State's Attorney's facebook page looks more like a campaign page than an official sight. Are there brand new rules about campaigning on facebook? It's funny how we never hear from Jessamy unless it's an election year. I'd expect the FB page to be her spokesperson's platform, not a bunch of pics of PJ kissing babies.

Maurice Bradbury said...

In fact, there are! Here's a Sun post about the new social media campaign rules