Monday, September 6, 2010

Feds and the squeeze

A delightful letter from Rod Rosenstein.

A NJ gang member films inside the belly of the beast

And "Benjamin L. “Bennie” King Jr,""The former chief financial officer of the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau formally confessed Thursday to stealing more than $1 million from the organization over the course of a decade — money he admitted spending on high-stakes poker and at strip clubs."


ppatin said...

That letter is hilarious, it reads like something that a slick salesman would send to a client.

"To assist you and your client in reaching a plea agreement with the United States, we will offer..."

How helpful of the US Attorney's Office :)

"Again, our hope is to develop an efficient process that will encourage your client to enter into a plea and/or cooperation agreement with the United States. There is, of course, no obligation for your client to participate in any proffer session with the government. If your client desires to proceed to trial, we will move forward in accordance with the Court’s instruction and trial schedule."

This reminds me of one of those "try before buying, no obligation!" promotions. That's gotta be a shitty feeling to receive one of those letters.

buzoncrime said...

PP--I am sure it is a bad feeling to receive one of those letter, but perhaps one did some bad things in order to qualify to get one!
You either take our proffered guilty plea or we'll take you to trial, and you'll get whatever the most we can get!

Did you also the little solicitation to be a helpful informant--no doubt special deals can be had there!

Maurice Bradbury said...

I know, it sounds like it was written by the same person from my credit company dropping a line to say they were raising my rate to 23%.

ppatin said...


Trust me, I have no sympathy for the recipients. The salesman like tone though made me thin of Pembelton's line from an old episode of Homicide.

"What you will be privileged to witness will not be an interrogation, but an act of salesmanship - as silver-tongued and thieving as ever moved used cars, Florida swampland, or Bibles. But what I am selling is a long prison term, to a client who has no genuine use for the product. "