Monday, October 18, 2010

Punching cops is bad for your health

Jerome Ira Stal became the eleventh person to plead guilty in a federal investigation of pawn shops that were used for money laundering.

Melvin J. Yates claims that Howard County cops gave him a beat-down after he struggled with them during an altercation in April.

A 15-year old allegedly stabbed a man in the parking lot of a Panera (yuck) in Rosedale.

The feds convicted a Singaporean man of trying to smuggle weapons to the Tamil Tigers. Good thing for him he wasn't busted back home in Singapore!

Ken Harris's killers will be sentenced tomorrow. No word about the SA's office seeking life w/o parole, which is odd since from what I recall they were convicted of first-degree felony murder.


Philip said...

Hey now, what do you have against Panera?

Mr. Mephistopheles said...

I would have put the word "yuck" after Rosedale instead of Panera.