Friday, November 19, 2010

A box, a ring and one crazy-booting byatch

An 8-year-old boy survives parents' murder-suicide in Randallstown

Missing man found in a box on route 70, and police are looking for a grey minivan with the license plate "PALNCIA"

Dogfighting ring busted on the West side

The Baltimore Guide is publishing a blotter, with tidbits such as: "A street fight broke out, and a woman stabbed another woman in the right leg, stabbed a man in the back, struck another woman with her boot, punched a fourth woman and stabbed a fifth."

Baltimore county circuit court gets a new place for eff-up parents to visit their kids

Daily Record editorial: "Mr. Bernstein must tread carefully and respectfully as a white lawyer"

Today in bullcrap:
Five years for Hagtown bridal-veil breakin

justice for Bear Bear!!

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