Thursday, November 4, 2010

Turns for the worse

A man was stabbed to death and his apartment set on fire in the 7000 block of McClean Boulevard

Man shot to death at 215 South Woodyear Street

Eight homicides last week

Word of the day: misprision-- aka not snitching on somebody's felonious azz

Very sad story of a teen who got 18 months for murder in the CP's letters page

"A former Baltimore police officer was sentenced to five years in federal prison Wednesday for assaulting a 17-year-old and falsifying documents to cover up the attack"

Wrestling champ to be tried as an adult following brawl at the Loyola/Calvert "Turkey Bowl"

Mario's mom: assault never happened

Victor Frierson, 56, gets jail time and restitution for stealing from nonprofit

Looks like no MD constitutional convention after all

Stolen cigarettes, food in the Northern

Ramona Moore Baker = out!

52-y/o JROTC instructor: I did not have sex with that 17-year-old

Carrol County man pleads guilty after feds find more than 2 million child porn images


Anonymous said...

#187, a notable mark

ppatin said...

They found out who the robocaller was.