Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sadder than sad

Homicide victim #13 of 2011, Harry Hicks, was gunned down in front of his wife and preschool-aged children

.. in better news, Fenton reports that one Hassan Muhammed was arrested for the Dec. 12 murder of young mother Cherrie Gammon

"Bernstein Maps Out New Crime-Fighting Approach" to the city's legislative delegates, one that involves "satellite offices" and setting free alleged perps with bails less than $5,000

And Van Smith went to the sentencing of youth leader by day/BGF "city-wide commander" by night Todd "Donnie" Duncan, wherein Duncan boo-hooed that charges were "blown out of context" and his lawyer opined, "these guys were up to bad, but not a whole lot of bad." (is Van Smith the only reporter who goes to a courthouse anymore?)

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