Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Unidentified man, 1100 block of W. Cross Street.
So far only three of this year's 20 homicides have led to an arrest, says Fenton.

"Opponents file new bills to abolish death penalty in Maryland"

Police are ISO a suspect, one Kedric Lamont Seay, 22, for the stabbing last Saturday at Reisterstown and Seven Mile

Crazy-driving carjackers caught on tape by Sky Eye Chopper 13

Early spring in the city! A floater pulled out of the Harbor near the Museum of Industry


ppatin said...

I'm not sure who I despise more, the idiots with All Peoples Congress signs and meaningless slogans like "Jobs & Education, not Racism" or the crowd that mindlessly defends the Werdesheim brothers just because they're Jewish. I do not envy Gregg Bernstein his job.

ppatin said...

I just realized that one of the guys in the first picture that I linked to is carrying a sign that says "Bernstein Promotes Black Holocaust."

Cham said...

Why did you elect to put the Key Highway floater in the homicide column as a maybe? In that location it may very well be a sugar ship stowaway. People in third world find an exterior orifice of a ship to ride to a new world, or any world that isn't theirs. They freeze to death or get caught in a propeller or something and drop out when the ship stops.

ppatin said...


With the sudden change in weather I'd suspect that the body popped up from the bottom of the harbor and had been sitting there for a while. Floaters always come to the surface during the Spring.

Maurice Bradbury said...

TAB is doing the homicide tally, so I will let him answer that one. And yep, "Bernstein promotes black holocaust"-- two signs say that. What can you even say-- do you think he knows what the holocaust even was, or has it now become a metaphor for "really bad stuff"?