Monday, March 14, 2011

The real crime

When you drive around Baltimore and see dozens of rotting homes, you might want to thank these guys for in part making it happen. Of course they're not going to jail, they live in Howard County, they just sucked money out of the city and got away with it because they were smart.

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Mr. Mephistopheles said...

You know what else is a crime? John Reiff used his connections with Baltimore Housing and the mayor's office to kill the proposed split-level property tax rate bill that would have charged a higher rate to owners of vacant, abandoned, and uninhabitable properties. This guy had the nerve, just two weeks before his plea deal was announced, to give me a sob story about how this bill would hurt "legitimate" real estate investors like him who were renovating properties throughout the city.

The mayor was in favor of this bill until Reiff and a few other sleazy developers got a hold of her. Then she left former Senator George Della hanging out to dry when her office wrote an opposition letter to the House and Senate committees just a few days after Della introduced the bill (which he did after the city council, including then city council president SRB, voted 13-0 in favor of a resolution that asked the state legislature to pass such a bill). Keep SRB's flip-flop in mind when you vote in this year's mayoral primary.