Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sanity and its discontents

"Person found dead in basement after fire in Southwest Baltimore"

Deener man who killed his landlord because he thought he was a warlock sent to mental hospital

Steven "JR" Blackwell accused of laundering money by buying winning lottery tickets, among other means

From the blog-o-sphere, the poignant "Phylicia Barnes and the Black Girl's Burden"

Two arrested for robbing rent-payers in Cockeysville

In other news, "Transgender rights in the spotlight in Maryland and Texas" (Texas is trying to revoke transgender marriage rights); in Towson, men raised money for RAINN by walking a mile in high heels; and Australia is banning porn featuring flat-chested women.

Need to dress more manlier? Police magazine reviews 2011's tactical pants collections.


gih said...

that's horrible isn't it?


Sean said...

It IS horrible. Some guys are really into small breasts.

Philip said...
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