Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ha to the ha ha!

That Belinda!
Belinda Conaway's mutarded lawsuit against Adam Meister has hit the AP-- From the Fred News-Post:

Baltimore councilwoman sues blogger for libel
BALTIMORE (AP) — Baltimore Councilwoman Belinda Conaway is suing a political blogger and his publisher for $21 million for libel and defamation over a column that alleged she did not live in the city.

The suit filed Tuesday alleges an column by Adam Meister is meant to fool the public into thinking that Conaway lives in Baltimore County and force her out of office.

On election documents, Conaway lists a Baltimore City address used by several members of her politically active family.

Conaway’s attorney, Thomas Maronick, said Wednesday that the Randallstown home in Baltimore County is listed on tax records as a primary residence since Conaway and her husband file jointly and he lives there part-time. He said Conaway is seeking to correct the records.

Conaway said this could happen to anybody.

Meister said he backed up his allegations with documents and is honored to be sued over the matter.

Justin Jimenez, a spokesman for Denver-based, said the company has no comment and hasn’t been notified of the lawsuit.
Yes, it could happen to any lyin' tax cheat, Belinda Bear!
I hope the IRS makes an example out of you & you do get forced out of office-- though who would want that office? The seat is up for election this year? ...... any takers?


bosconet said...

Forget the IRS where are the Baltimore City/County State's Attorneys?!?!?!?! And how about a investigation by the head of SDAT C. John Sullivan, Jr. or Comptroller Peter Franchot for her misuse of the Homestead credit. But I doubt any government agency will look into this.....

Cham said...

Conaway says this could happen to anybody? It couldn't happen to me because I only own one house and I live there. If she only owned one house and lived in it this wouldn't happen to her either. Conaway is gaming the system and is now livid because she got caught by a hapless blogger. Rather than fix the mess she's filed a lawsuit she won't win.