Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Blogger Adam Meister says that a Sun reporter called to tell him that Belinda Conaway plans to sue him and Examiner.com for $10 million.. oh shiz, now it's $21 million! ... over this story about her tax credit. ha!
She must be getting political advice from Pat Jessamy, heh.


Anonymous said...

She did:


Mr. Mephistopheles said...

I can't stand the Conaway family nor the white Al Sharpton. I say let the two parties sue each other into bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Bernstein fired all community liaisons from district courts today. What will community associations say?

Anonymous said...

I spent over a year working with my community association and never even knew there was a liaison for the district court.

file under "really? Who knew?"

Anonymous said...

good for Bernstein. If he fired them I assume they were getting paid. For what?