Friday, July 22, 2011

Lunchtime Update

Col. Terrence Sheridan is retiring from his post as Superintendent of the Maryland State Police. MdTA police chief Marcus Brown will be his successor.

Non-fatal stabbing at a bar in Middle River.

No bail for alleged crooked cop Daniel Redd.

Policarpio Perez and Adan Canela will be tried a third time for allegedly decapitating three kids in 2004.

Lornell Felder is getting $100k from the City. In the spring of 2009 he was beaten by two plainclothes police officers and held for several days after the cops mistook a cigarette he was rolling for marijuana. If Felder's allegations are even vaguely true then I can't fathom why the two cops named in the suit haven't been fired.

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ppatin said...

Not exactly Baltimore related, but...

Alleged Norwegian mass murderer faces just 21 years in prison

Something to remember the next time someone gets all sanctimonious about how all of Western Europe has abolished the DP. Makes me happy that we have such a "cruel" justice system.