Wednesday, August 3, 2011

He's Bay-uck

Michael Olesker is back and writing for the Patch, today about the mayor's underwhelming response to incidents in Guilford and Station North.

ps., if you enjoy getting news via blogs and pondering 'digital culture' you might like reading Jaron Lanier's You Are Not a Gadget (he was recently in the NYker).
(the Pratt has a copy & you can also read the first chapter free on Amazon.)

pps, I, the Cybrarian, MJB, have moved of 'relay' mode, if you haven't noticed, after about six years of updating the blog almost every day. I am just too busy. But I am really happy that TAB, PP and Sean have stepped up to keep it going. I find it helpful to read esp. if I'm out of town and want to just check my phone to find out what's been going down in town. SpotCrime is also great resource if you just want the latest quick deets on what is happening around a particular address. ... I wonder if there is a Baltimore Crime/ History/ Sociology book club in town, where one drinks tea or wine and eats snacks and bickers about the city's woes? ... there ought to be.


ppatin said...


Thanks so much for getting this blog up and running it for so many years. I haven't been the greatest about contributing, but I'll try to use my lunch breaks to make sure it stays alive and well. Pity we've lost a few of our old contributors (Buzz and Taetochuck come to mind.)

Sean said...

Been busy lately (two year olds are quick!), so I haven't posted much, but I still visit daily...

Glad you've kept this thing going, mjb...

Maurice Bradbury said...

Yeah, what happened to Chuck? And where has buzz been? .. but you know, one can only focus and fuss on the same subject for so long. Life intervenes, you know? The blog is still an amazing document, I wonder how many pages it would be printed out?

Yes but those toddlers are quick.. any book club venue will have to be kid-friendly. Any interest, Sean, or are you not allowed out of the house yet? Cynic? Anyone, anyone? I want to be in a book club but I don't want to discuss 'the Help.'

ppatin said...

Last time I checked Chuck's blog/website it had been closed down. I guess he also moved on. Burgersub is still updating his murder page, but he never particularly liked me.

Buzz's departure has probably bummed me out the most. He was a real interesting guy, and I greatly enjoyed my conversation with him at the Gregg Bernstein meet & greet. He also seemed like an untapped well of old Baltimore stories.

buzoncrime said...

Marcie and PP,

Buz is still here and reads just about every day!
I also want to thank you for keeping the blog up and running for so many years; it's been really interesting and easy to keep up with what's going on in the crime realm for someone like me who's interested in such a strange subject.

Pascal,thanks for your kind comments. Sometimes, some of my former colleagues do things which I find, well, embarrassing, and I disagree with, but I try not to write emotionally, and remember that I wasn't there. So, sometimes, I just don't write. I also enjoyed talking with you last year at the Bernstein event.

Despite crime being "down" (I dunno after reading Fenton's tweet at the last Compstat), it still is a major issue in Baltimore--the canary in the room.

I've gotten involved as a consultant in several lawsuits across the country involving use of force, and have been kinda busy with that. Most of the time the plaintiffs don't have a case, but often they do. Like a baseball umpire used to be, "I call em as I see 'em."