Friday, September 23, 2011

Hermann: a fascinating suicide story

Troy Taylor, convicted of killing septuagenarian security guard Charles Bowman at the Yau Brothers Carryout on Greenmount, got five months and 29 days added to his sentence when he refused to answer questions regarding the alleged triggerman on the witness stand.

... and looks like Luke Broadwater (of Examiner fame) is reporting for the Sun now-- good news for crime-concerned readers.

And Peter Hermann on a macabre tip this morning: a man shot himself outside of Union Memorial Hospital, leaving a note that he wanted to donate his organs. Blogs Hermann, "We of course would like to know more. Suicide is always a tricky subject to write about, but if this man really thought the only way to donate his organs was to shoot himself, it's a fascinating, through tragic, story. We'd also like to know why he chose Union Memorial, and if he intended to wound himself to stay alive long enough so doctors could harvest."

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