Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Afternoon Roundup

A man was rescued after falling into the Inner Harbor at around 2:30 am.

The Federal bribery trial of good 'ol Ulysses Currie is still going, even without Currie actually taking the stand. His trial is expected to go to the jury sometime next week.

An inside scoop into the begining of the lululemon murder trial over in Montgomery County. The Washington Post has someone live tweeting the happenings of the case.

A Howard County police officer is in stable condition after striking a guardrail and flipping his patrol car in order to avoid a deer.

Police have arrested 34-year-old Dionysios Vinias for the armed robbery of a 70-year-old lady at a Glen Burnie Box N' Save. When Mr. Vinias isn't robbing little old ladies he apparently enjoys drawing and the band Tool, according to his Myspace page.

Anne Arundel County police have busted creepy janitor Jason Beatty, 30, for committing some less-than-school-board -approved acts whilst outside a young girls home.

Finally, jury deliberation in the first death penalty case since the implementing of new rules as to what is considered a death-penalty warranting case has begun today.

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