Tuesday, November 22, 2011


As-of-yet-unidentified man shot in the head at the 900 block of Franklin St.

This weeks' murder ink notes several homicide arrests as well as two cases closed by exception; the death of Earl Brown, who was shot in 1999, and the murder of 1-year-old Davon Booth Jr.

Still no info on the body found in the World Trade Center Monday morning.

The story of how a traffic stop in Louisiana led to a drug arrest in Baltimore.

An apparent arrest in a triple stabbing in White Marsh, though the suspect wasn't id'd.

Flash mobs strike again in Montgomery County.

Glen Burnie murder suspect Cornelius Keith Johnson, 24, inadvertently turns himself in.

Finally, 12 years in federal prison for now thrice-convicted Baltimore drug dealer Stephen Johnson, 31.

So... apparently they didn't kick out the wall street protestors?


Anonymous said...

Oh, forgot to mention in my earlier post regarding high incarceration in the U.S., that our recidivism rate of 68% is about twice that of other Western nations.

- Galt

Anonymous said...

Now, Virginia abolished parole, so offenders have to serve 85% of their sentence.

Virginia has about 30% recidivism, while Maryland has around 50%.

Why? Two effects:

First, you deter initial offense through higher effective penalty and second, you retain offenders through their most recidivist years, releasing them on the declining end of the Age-Crime curve.

Maybe that's why so many antisocial urban Virginians migrate to Baltimore. This is one of the most advantageous places to be a hoodlum.

- Galt

TAB said...

Seeing as how I'm a little rusty on my knowledge of Virginia to Maryland criminal migration statistics, I'll just have to keep my mouth shut in regards to your comments...

Maurice Bradbury said...

it's weird about the protestors, no? If she's going to respect the 1st-Amendement rights of Occupy Baltimore (as well she should), why eject the college kids? ... is there anyone in the media who has asked about that strange double standard and gotten an answer?

Anonymous said...

I believe this regards the time-place-manner exception. They seem to have attempted to overstay their permit. The First Amendment generally does not supercede reasonable time, place, and manner regulations.

Disclaimer: I'm not a great advocate of the manner in which Occupy has appropriated public space.

- Galt