Tuesday, November 8, 2011

News From Around the Region

A mostly non-city post today.

After three years their has still been no arrest in the 2008 murder of former Marine Leroy Taylor.

Orioles pitcher Alfred Simon has been acquitted of any charges related to the New Years Eve shooting death of a man in the Dominican Republic.

Armed Robberies Galore:

Police in Elkridge are offering up a reward information leading to the capture of a liquor store robber.(Pictured Right)

College Park bank robber and twice convicted drug dealer Antonio Michael McClurkin, 26, has been sentenced to 15 years in the federal pen.

Another career offender will serve a lengthy federal prison sentence. 41-year-old Mark Ellicott Lomax was sentenced to 20 years for committing 17 robberies in about a month.

County Police are ISO the men who robbed a Middle River bank Monday afternoon.

A city police officer is recovering after being dragged by a car during a pursuit. The officer fired two shots, but the suspects are still unknown at the moment.

Eight well earned years in a federal penitentiary for child pornography trafficker David Twitty, 64.

Police officers in Howard County shoot an armed man. 19-year-old Jeffrey Dustin Nichols was shot after he reportedly failed to drop the gun he was holding when confronted by the officers.

Finally, Towson U. was on lock-down for the second time in a week after a bomb scare in one of the on-campus parking garages.

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Maurice Bradbury said...

hey, please try to keep it Baltimore-specific, as Baltimore Crime is the title of the blog. Unless it happens elsewhere and affects Baltimore, or is just to weird to ignore, like those murderous evil twins.