Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sixth time's a charm?

Drug dealer, convicted double-murderer and amateur lawyer Anthony Grandison is headed to the Court of Appeals* for the sixth time. Grandison is currently on death row for hiring Vernon Evans to kill David Piechowicz and Susan Kennedy in April of 1983.


ppatin said...


I take it you edited my post to say alleged? At this point I believe it's fair to call Anthony Grandison a murderer without any qualification. He is not charged, he has been convicted (in both Maryland and federal courts) of the crime. His state conviction has been upheld numerous times, and two separate Maryland juries have sentenced him to death. He exhausted his appeals on his federal conviction a long time ago. There's nothing alleged about what he did.

Maurice Bradbury said...

oh, I suppose. How about "convicted"

ppatin said...

Convicted it is.

BTW, what's your standard for when you no longer have to say alleged? I feel like once someone is convicted in court then it's fair to call them a murderer/rapist/thief/whatever.

Maurice Bradbury said...

well, I suppose I should do "alleged" and then "convicted." I have erred on the side of caution since the story of the Roland Park flasher, Kenneth Barnes. Everyone, including me, assumed he was guilty after he was convicted, turns out he almost surely wasn't. There have been a lot of times when someone has sounded as guilty as all get-out, and it turned out to not be true. So I am cautious.