Monday, December 19, 2011

191, 192

32-year-old Jeffrey Smith was shot and killed on Belair Rd. No suspects or motive at the moment.

Dayon Barnes, 27, was shot and killed while sitting in a car in the 200 block of N. Smallwood St. Barnes made local headlines last year after being part of a money counterfeiting group with Erik Desmond Stokes and Darryl Bacon. Stokes was shot and killed by County police during apprehension. Barnes and Bacon were arrested without incident. Both men had their cases Nolle Prosequi earlier this year. With Barnes dead Darryl Bacon is the only member of this ring left, although he is currently wanted out of Annapolis for parole violations.

The Sun has id'd the guy shot on Elsinore Ave. as 23-year-old Lawrence Edwards. While every District court charge he has calls him by Lawrence Edwards, all his circuit court charges spell his name Lawrence Edwardes. I'll stick with Edwardes for the moment until I hear otherwise.*

A Baltimore cabby was robbed and shot at the 2700 block of Sisson St.

The shootings keep piling up in the City, with a man in serious condition after being shot earlier today, while two men were shot in the 3000 block of Belmont Ave. Thursday evening.

Lavelva Merritt, the co-conspirator in the Stephen Pitcairn murder was given another 5 years to her sentence.

A home invader in Dundalk was shot by County police after a woman reported a man with a ski mask standing over her as she slept.

21-year-old tattoo fanatic Dalonte S. Dunston was the 5th and final person charged with a robbery murder in little Taneytown, MD.

Finally, proving that your never too young to be mind-bendingly creepy, 21-year-old Scott Seidel was given a two year sentence for impersonating an FBI officer on teen chat-rooms while simultaneously pretending to be a hacker, all in order to convince girls to strip on webcams. Creepier yet, as recently as last year Seidel lived in the Donnybrook Lane apartments, located a few hundred feet from Towson High School, which is full of young women the same age as the girls he targeted online. So to sum it up, what a scuzzbag.


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