Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A murder conviction, cross-dressing cops and a stolen sandwich

The Ink covers last week's five murders

A second man, Kedar Anderson, was convicted for involvement in the murder of Kenneth Jones, former leader of the Pasadena Denver Lanes Bloods gang.

Police Tweet "4200 block Ivanhoe. Adult male reported to be shot in the leg"
A warning to the patrons of the transgendered prostitutes of Charles Village, a sting operation is "forthcoming."* (Is "transgenders" really a plural noun?)

Sixteen students at Chesapeake High School in Essex were sent to the hospital after an officer used pepper spray to break up a fight.

Baltimore rape suspect Kendall Thomas Lynn was arrested in NC

Molto duro combattimento between bocce players in Little Italy

A $77,500 fine for Wheelabrator Baltimore, after the company's smokestack showered us all with mercury.

A $500k fine for Wells Fargo, which made defamatory statements about a local broker

A snowblower, three 500-pound weights and an air conditioner among the purloined loot in Towson last week.* Stolen in the Northern: a snakeskin wallet, deodorant, a buffalo chicken sub.

Federal judge: it's legal to not hire tattooed prospective cops

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now, see, the Goodwill is a magnet for armed robbery.

Guess that means Mary Pat Clarke and Del. Mary Washington will request that the police padlock it as a neighborhood nuisance, kinda like Yau Bros. down the street.

In fact, there seems to be so very much violent crime on Greenmount these days that maybe the whole strip should be padlocked.

Or, on the other hand, could it perchance be the local hoodlums who are at fault and underpoliced....


- Galt