Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dragged away

Life for three guérilleros noirs "Petey," "Snags" and "Jim Dog," implicated in the kidnapping, robbery, and murder of Qonta Waddell. You may remember this story, Waddell was kidnapped, kicking, screaming and hogtied, hanging on his mother's leg*.

Two shootings, on Gorsuch Avenue and Terra Firma Road, respectively

The CP's Ink recounts last week's murder of James Hunter.

Six Occupy Baltimore protestors were arrested on MLKJr. day (by State Troopers, oddly) in front of the juvenile jail, and most concerning, media were not allowed to watch and threatened with arrest. In other Occupy news, the Sun obtained emails of one-percenters grousing to city officials about having to see McKeldin Square from their office windows (and uploaded the emails to a document cloud).

And in case you missed it, after Jack Young criticized the Grand Prix, SRB revoked his Ravens skybox tickets*. (Re. the Grand Prix-- don't cities usually have insurance to prevent against loss from events like that?)

A couple of armed robberies in the Patch blotter of the Northern, and someone reportedly tried the door handle of SRB's car. Two years ago, someone broke into her husband's car and stole a satellite system. I hope the police also told him that irksome canard about how it's his own fault for having anything valuable in the car in the first place.

Got honey nut? Michael K. Williams (aka Omar) is appearing in a Marylanders for Marriage Equality ad. And a county lawmaker is trying to pass a gender-identity anti-discrimination bill. Opponents say the bill is just going to encourage sexual predators to cross-dress so they can use women's bathrooms.

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