Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Flying bullets, Yorkie

Two shootings in Cherry Hill*

A woman was shot through her patio door in the Harford-Echodale-Perring Parkway neighborhood

Trial scheduled to start today for Lee Edward Stephens, one of two prisoners charged with stabbing David McGuinn to death in 2006.

Lead investigator in the Mary Hare murder was arrested three years ago* for not following his sargeant's order, reports Fenton

The Ink has last week's five murders

Immigration lawyer David Agatstein pled guilty to helping immigrants commit marriage fraud

Occupiers succeed in saving woman from eviction, for now

Counterfeit bill passed at the Charles Village Pub

A drive-by purse snatching in the Northern

A mugging with a piece of wood, a machete attack, an engine block stolen out of a parked Chevy and threatening gestures with a spacke knife in the Baltimore Guide blotter

Indictments for "D", "Peaches" (real first name = Tyeast), William Alvin Darden and Keith Eugene Daughtry for a scheme to transfer almost $1.4 million out of the Baltimore Housing Authority's bank account.

A man went to jail in the county after he threw his pet yorkie off of his balcony

A century in jail for 28-year-old Jason Scott of Upper Marlboro, a former postal worker* linked to more than 50 burglaries, nine home-invasion robberies, carjacking, production of child pornography, gun theft, and gun-related charges. He's also charged with the killing of a mother and daughter in Largo. "He told investigators that he was inspired by the movie 'Bullet,' starring Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur."


Anonymous said...

You have a special
creativity & talent
of phrasing the crime scenarios
(things that are usually so depressing & boring)
to keep it interesting_while
softening the blow.
I never knew
that reading a Crime
Blog could be so entertaining!
Thanks & Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

A certain Pulitzer is in the offing!!!