Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A bevy of recent homicides, here's a breakdown:

78. Sylvester Rodgers (Alternately spelled Rogers), age 58, was shot multiple times and killed in an apartment in the 600 block of North Carey St. 24-year-old Dominick Brooks was charged with the crime. Brooks has prior convictions for car theft, drug dealing, robbery, assault on an officer, and assault on a DOC employee. Brooks is currently facing Probation Violation charges related to the robbery conviction.

79. Tavon Frederick, 35, was shot and killed during a home invasion in the 3300 block of Westerwald Ave.*

80.  Jacqueline Laster, 47, was the sole death in a triple shooting in the 2500 block of West Fayette St. Thursday. Laster is said to have been the target of the shooting, and had a minor criminal record.

81. James Shird, who according to Murder Ink is James Shird Jr age 18 and not James Shird Sr, age 48, was shot to death in the 4600 block of York Rd. No arrests have been made.

82. Andre Curry Jr., 28, was the fatality of the other triple shooting Thursday. This one in the 2600 block of East Preston St. Curry had prior drug dealing convictions and several minor arrests, but no new arrests since 2007.

83. Lanell Ausby, 22, was shot in the 2500 block of North Edgecombe Circle. After being shot he was pulled over by police while driving down the wrong side of the road. According to his parents, Ausby was preparing to finish college at the time of his death. Ausby had a minor criminal history.

84. Dwaune Evans (Alternately spelled Dawan), 25, was shot in the 600 block of Pitcher St. outside the Shake and Bake Family Fun Center. Evans had prior convictions for assault and drug dealing and received a three year prison sentence back in 2009.

85. Olivia Palmer, a 6 month old child was beaten by her father, Demante Palmer, age 34 (Pictured Right) . Police responded to the 1600 block of E. Coldspring Lane, and Palmer later died of her injuries. Palmer is the third child to have been killed by their father this year. 2011 had three young children killed as well, while 2010 had four. 2009 had only one young child killed, 2008 had five, and 2007 had two.

86. Amber Brown, 24, was a unique case of a heroine overdose being considered a homicide. 24-year-old Brown and a friend injected one another with heroin, Brown eventually dies due to an overdose, and although said friend has not been charged as of yet, the case is still considered a homicide. Brown had a minor criminal record.*

87. Ettice Jones, 47, was stabbed to death in the 1200 block of Woodbourne Ave. during an argument with a male acquaintance. No official arrest has been made, although police have a "person of interest" in the case. Jones had a minor criminal record.

Thanks to The Baltimore Sun and Murder Ink for providing much of the information.


Cham said...

It's getting really strange out there. Let's talk 78 through 87.

In a rather rare turn of events 3 out of the last 10 homicide victims were female, an impressive 30% in a city that averages 7.5% overall. Of the 10 only Dawan Evans and Ettice Jones had any type of violent criminal history, and both of those histories were one charge of second degree assault which could be any type of mild bodily harm even if they just pushed somebody and caught a cop on a bad day. This is mighty unusual because many of Baltimore homicide victims have long violent criminal histories.

Only one of the 10 homicides happened within one block of a CCTV surveillance camera, although we already know the surveillance cameras are rarely anywhere near where violent crime occurs. The homicide of Dawan Evans didn't just happen near a surveillance camera, it happened directly under the surveillance camera on Pennsylvania and Pitcher. However, true to form, the police haven't arrested anyone for the homicide. Perhaps the grainy night images aren't much of a help in solving homicides, but those cameras and their monitoring do bloat the police budget nicely.

And lastly, it seems like the victims are represented in every age range, not just the usual crew of people in their 20s.

Anonymous said...

Comment on number 86, Amber was basically my sister. And b4 people post shit get the damn story right. Said friend was injecting both of them. Amber didn't know how to inject and was apparently too intoxicated to realize what was really going on. First time being talked into trying it and she passed away. Now the media is making it look as though she was a drug addict, which I assure everyone she was not!

You can find the most recent story in the Sun paper, although they used same terminology.
Also on their website...

In rare move, woman's heroin overdose in NE Baltimore ruled homicide

May 29, 2012 | By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun

TAB said...

First, let me just say I'm very sorry for your loss.

I don't have any personal information on the case beyond what police say publicly, so you are probably more in the know then I am. I don't think anyone is trying to say she is an addict, I myself am just reporting the facts, and she did in fact die of an overdose.You can only do so much to sugar coat that.

I have to wonder, as a friend of hers, do you think the person who injected her should face charges?

Cham said...

I'm not Amber's friend, but heck yes she should be charged. If Amber was familiar with heroin then she would have injected herself. Better yet, she should have smoked a little first and tried it out, and sure not mixed it with alcohol and an upset stomach.

If the friend was acting in the role of a medical professional, choosing veins and injecting drug concoctions with needles then she needs to be treated like a medical professional. She caused a death she pays the price.

The friend is a pusher, in the worst sense. She pushed drugs into another person. No mercy.

Anonymous said...

I understand the sorryness everyone has for our loss but we know for a fact.....Amber had never even put that crap up her nose even. She had way too much going for her. And yes we do want "said friend" to be charged, she helped in a sense that Ambers no longer here, may not of intended for that but guess what? It happened... Idk where they got info on todays post on this site about other people being there, it was just her n the "friend" that were there that night, noone else. She was drinking that has been proven-but Sun paper called it heroine intoxication....and we think she was "zoned" as you call it n was talked into it while intoxicated. She than fell asleep and never woke up.

Maurice Bradbury said...

How sad. So it was a female 'friend', then. Equal opportunity effed-upness in this town.. do you have a picture of her? It's nice to put a human face to stories...