Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Towson's "Hipster Bandit" Captured

Remember this guy?

 The goofy hat wearing fella who was robbing the same few Towson banks since November?

Well, He struck the Towson branch of Wells Fargo on the 20th of April. This time though, his choice of disguise left something to be desired...

And sure enough he got busted. The so called hipster bandit is 36-year-old Jason Lee Haldeman, a York, Pennsylvania resident. Haldeman has been charged with 5 separate counts of Armed Robbery.

(A link to the online court records, sign into the Judiciary Case Search first in order to view it.)

Naturally, Haldeman is not a rookie bank robber, having been busted for the same crime back in 2005 in his home state.
For as smart as he was, wearing disguises (albeit goofy ones), and robbing a bank far from his home, He slipped up towards the end, robbing a bank with barely any disguise, and to make matters worse, posting a multitude of self shots on his facebook page. You can compare the pictures at the bottom, but it's 99.99% that this is the same guy.

(A full crime update in a bit)

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Maurice Bradbury said...

HAH!! A FAKE HIPSTER!! Just a yokel from York. You're a wonder, TAB.