Monday, June 25, 2012


These last few weeks, homicides have been fewer and farther between, but not entirely non-existent. Homicide vic #101 is an as-of-yet unidentified male, shot to death in the 1000 block of Central Ave., perhaps by someone in a black Lexus.

Finding information on city shootings is not an easy task, but Sun reporter Justin Fenton came across info on two shootings from earlier in the year. According to wiretaps in an unrelated drug case, on March 29th in the 900 block of Valley St. Brandon "Horse" Branch took a slug to the face; this attempted murder led to the retaliatory killing of 59-year-old Chauncey Hard, shot dead in the 900 block of E. Valley St., a case of classic Baltimore shootings, retaliation upon retaliation.*

I'm at a loss... A 14-year-old, yes, 14-year-old, has been charged as an adult with first-degree rape. Carnell Spencer III, born in 1998, is facing adult charges for Rape and Assault related to a June 18th sexual assault. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, apparently, as his father, Carnell H. Spencer Jr. is a convicted sex offender, currently serving a 12-year-bid related to an attempted murder and arson. Remember to sign in to the Case Search first before clicking the link.

A woman stopped at a light in the 2400 block of West Northern Parkway was carjacked last Wednesday.

The most recent Baltimore Guide's crime blotter, this one focusing on the South, includes an assault with a cigarette, an over-the-phone robbery, and stolen groceries.

Bealefeld's taking an Appalachian hike to help ease his mind after years of urban crime fighting.

A shotgun-wielding crook robbed the RoFo located in the 1000 block of West 41st St. 

It's been a bad week to work at Royal Farms. Two young men from North Baltimore robbed a Towson branch of Royal Farms located on Falls Rd. Charged with robbery and related offenses are 19-year-olds Thomas James Busard and Michael Robert Blevins.

And what happens when you commit robberies? You get sent to the Federal Pen, at least, occasionally. At least, that was the case for Matthew "Bro Gene" Talley, 46, sentenced to 12 years in the federal pen for imprisoning some employees during the robbery of an electronics store. Also given a 12-year-sentence was George Jordan, 50. Jordan got his dozen for robbing a Wachovia bank back in 2009.


Maurice Bradbury said...

I also see from the Bealfeld link that the BSO is playing a concert featuring the music of Led Zepplin.

Cham said...

I say Bealefeld makes it 20 miles off Springer and then gives up. He doesn't have what it takes.(And who the hell starts in July?)

Maurice Bradbury said...

So what is up with the search for a new Commissioner?

And how about a search for a new Mayor, that phone thing is bullcrap-- if Pratt is to be believed, the half-a-mil-for-phones is an outrage. They could have ordered those phones for $600 from China. When's the next mayorial election again?

Saw the saddest sight last week when it was 101 degrees-- Dru Hill Park pool full of clear, blue water.. and padlocked. She couldn't come up with how much to open that pool for two days? With all those ppl over there with no a/c? Bull. Hockey.

Cham said...

As far as the search for a new commissioner is concerned, I hear an out-of-town consultant who knows nothing about the city, its people, the unpopular police force and Baltimore's unique crime challenges is busy with the project.

Expect more of the same with little change.

ppatin said...


Bealefeld is in pretty good shape for a guy his age, or at least he was as of last September.

Cham said...

I'm not worried Bealefeld his shape, This is a guy that spend 30+ years on a police force, the last 5 having 3900 people follow him around like lost puppies.

Spending 6-8 months on the trail is like walking through a tube. The AT requires tolerance, acceptance and flexibility. Introversion helps a lot. You might find yourself holed up in a very small shelter for more than a week during torrential rains with some really really unsavory and smelly people. You can also find yourself sucking dirty water from a nearly-dry spring through a bandanna.

Retirees always have big ideas but rarely get far. College drop-outs with trust funds are the ones that do the best.

Sean said...

"with some really really unsavory and smelly people" - Sounds like a career with BCPS is perfect training...