Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The man shot Monday night in the 2600 block of W. Patapsco Ave. has become Baltimore's 98th murder victim. He has been identified as 28-year-old Ronald Dawson, who (somewhat) infamously recieved just one year in jail for killing an 18-year-old in AAC back in 2006. It was believed that Dawson may have been the victim of an attempted robbery before killing Taveon "TJ" Watson. Dawson was awaiting trial on motor theft charges, and had a violation of probation on his Manslaughter conviction scheduled for October. **

'Ol Pat McDonough can sleep easy now, because the city has opened up a brand-spanking-new curfew center!

I'm posting the most recent North Baltimore crime report simply because the headline "Man Picks Fight, Gets Beat Up" makes me chuckle.

Owings Mills resident Miguiel Anthony Bailey (alternately spelled Miguel), age 22, was found shot dead inside a car near an apartment complex on Mopec Circle.

A long time in the pen for a County couple convicted of imprisoning and starving a a 22-year-old woman in order to collect her disability checks. Germaine Smith-Bey, 31 (Pictured Right) got 50 years while his gal pal Kimberly King, 39 (Pictured Further Right) received 40.

Finally a whopping 60 days in the can for robo-call "brains" Julius Henson. The political consultent was found guilty at trial on one count and acquitted on three others. Henson didn't much care for the case against him (shocking) calling it a "witch hunt."

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Cham said...

I see the Baltimore County police department feels its homicide unit has so little to do that to cops are now self-generating work. ;)